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About Hamza

Hamza Raja

I am a fairly ordinary bloke. I graduated from university as a Mechanical Engineer. I think the word that best describes me is a geek. I love all things to do with computers, physics and maths. I love going out, partying with friends, buying quirky gadgets I never use from the far reaches of the internet. I am very impulsive, confident, curious, outgoing and am one of the most thick skinned person you are likely to come across. I follow F1 with a passion, watch cricket and tennis if I am able to.

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About Fatema

Fatema Raja

I am an Interior designer. When I am not occupied with floor plans and 3d renders I use any free time I get socializing with friends and family. My friends often use adjectives such as selfless, considerate, empathetic, sensitive, thinker, confused and indecisive to describe me. I love arts, music and all forms of creative expression. Figure skating has been a hobby of mine for as far back as I can remember. I enjoy Asian drama and was very addicted to Manga at one point.

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